Thursday, March 6, 2014

Relay For Life

I have some Relay For Life cards that I made left over from a prior Relay For Life.  I would love to sell them as I will donate 100% of the money to Relay For Life this year.  I will be part of the walk happening here in my town on April 12th.

Relay for Life is dear to my heart. I have lost many to the fight of cancer...including my mom. 

These cards are all A2 size and comes with an envelope to mail.  I will accept any donation for $5.00 and more!!  Please go here and leave a donation. 

Manetta's Relay For Life

Email me the donation amount you submitted, the card you would like and I will send it right off to you!!
Most are blank so someone can handwrite something special inside but if there is something special you want inside I can add that for you.

Thank you in advance!

1. Blank inside 
(Breast Cancer)

2. Blank inside 
(Leukemia and Kidney Cancer)

 3. Inside: It's the best medicine of all.
(Leukemia and Kidney Cancer)

4. It's the best medicine at all.
(Breast Cancer)

5.  Never Never Never give up 
(Liver Cancer)

6. Blank inside
(Breast Cancer)

7. Blank inside
(Breast Cancer)

8. Blank Inside
(Child w/Cancer)

9. Blank Inside

9.Blank Inside

10.  Inside:  You are still the most beautiful, thoughtful and courageous person I know.  That will never change.
(Breast Cancer)

11.  Blank Inside
(Liver Cancer)

12.  Blank Inside
(All Cancers)

13....until we met you

14.  ...until we met you
(All Cancers)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sketch Challenge #5-Christmas Snowman

It was time for Christmas card and another sketch.  Wow, all these challenges are keeping me going...getting a lot done!

Here is the sketch I used.

The paper I used came from Stampin Up paper pak called Winter Frost.  The snowman is an old Stampin Up stamp.  Christmas tree is s sizzix die.  For the snow sparkle I used stickles!  Very easy to do
One challenge I have is cutting the strips and then taping them down so they are even width. I did mine a different way.
I cut my pieces the length I wanted but the width I was not too particular.  The piece I wanted in the middle was actually matted.  I then glued down the right and left strips with the edge about the same as the mat on the middle strip.  I then placed the middle strip down.  Now they are look like they are all centered correctly!
For the snow along the bottom I ripped white paper.  

I don't recall ever paper piecing before but it fit well for this one.  I stamped the snowman on white cardstock.  The hat and scarf was stamped on a small piece of scrap paper.  I did not stamp the whole snowman. I just wanted those pieces.  I cut them out as well as the buttons.  Glued them on the snowman.  Cut the whole image out to glue down on the card.  With the hat, scarf and buttons matching the background just made the whole card flow and come together real well!

thanks for stopping!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sketch Challenge #4-Butterfly Sympathy

Butterflies galore!

Well...3 anyway lol.  
My first attemp was a flop.  I did not get them even at all.  For the second attempt, I drew a light pencil mark across the card and it helped...still a little off but that is ok!  I stamped the first butterfly from a Martha Stewarts clear rubber stamp set and stamped that in the middle of the card with versamark.  The left and right butterflies were matched up wing tip to wing tip and the bottom of the wings were set along the pencil line.  I used heat embossed the images and sponged Versafine Majestic Blue all over it.  

This is the sketch from Challenge #4 that is used.

I used a ruler to draw another light pencil light where I wanted the blue to end and I cut along that line but going around the butterflies.  
I had a scrap piece of paper that had like a blue crackle paint on it.  It looked perfect for the bottom half.  
Thanking of you sentiment is one of the stamps in the Stampin Up Wet Lands set.

I am going sympathy, Christmas and birthday so I don't get dragged down by too many birthday or too many sympathy.  This way it also gets my Christmas cards started.  So far it is working!

Have a crafty day tomorrow!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sketch Challenge #2 & #3-Birthdays

Yesterday I worked hard to get caught up on some challenges and it was not a good day at all for me!  Everything I made was not my best.  My sister and I like to Skype as we craft the day away.  I love it.  It is like the old days when we lived in the same town and got together once a month and crafted.  Yesterday was one of those days.  We like to have show-n-tell on the cards we made.  I showed her one card I made and the expression on her face was priceless!  Without a word I knew she was thinking exactly what I was thinking....the card stunk!  LOL  
Needless to say...that card is in the junk pile.  Maybe someday I might find something on it salvageable!  

Here are a couple of cards I made and the sketches.

Challenge #2 Card

Challenge #2 Sketch

Challenge #3 Card

Challenge #3 Sketch

 On to more challenges!
See you Soon!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sketch Challenge 1

I belong to a small craft group and we started a new Sketch Challenge once a week.
We are on Sketch 3 so I am playing catch up!

Here is my take on the first Sketch

Here is the sketch from the challenge

Now off to go continue creating and getting the other two challenges done!

Back later!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Heartache and Memory

Quick post today to show you a card that was all done in gray and black.  Very simple and quick card. It is not often I make a card that has a verse on the front.  This time it just fit well.  
This Impression Obsession poem is my favorite and I use it a lot on my sympathy cards.  
If you click on the photo you will be able to see just a hint of sparkle.

Thank you for stopping by!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day!

This is a free Digital image from that was printed on white cardstock, cut down to size and colored with Touch markers.  I printed another on printer paper and cut it out to mask the image.  With sponge, ink and a ripped piece of paper towel...I went to town making clouds and grass!  The edge was distressed.  The heart with red glitter frosting on the cookie topped off the card!

Happy Valentines Everyone!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Birthday Book

I have a difficult time making a stash of birthday cards and picking one out  for my own family and friends birthdays.  Each card is made with that person in mind.

There is a woman who helps out in our office a couple of days a week and her birthday is Friday which is Valentines Day.  I thought about her and two ideas came to mind.  One fact was the obvious...Hearts and red.  The second idea was the fact that she loves loves loves to read.  I went with my second idea.  I was so happy I had the Book Label 7 Nestabilty.

I had no idea how I was going to make the card so I turned to Pinterest.  I found some beautiful cards using the Label 7 and making them into an Easel Card.  That helped me to get going however I wanted to go one step better.  I made the bottom look like a leather bound book.  I have made faux leather before but I came across a video where they used a mix of glycerin and water in a spray bottle.  Glycerin was suppose to help the cardstock soak up the water better and get into the fibers...making it much softer and pliable. I gave it a try.  Works great! 

Here is the bottom of the card.

 I should have taking pictures of the process but didn't.  I will make another faux leather and create a tutorial next week. 

Her birthday is tomorrow but I won't see her so I am giving her the card today.  I know she will love it!

Enjoy & thank you for stopping by!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Card Lift Nautical Sympathy

Sheena Douglas posted a card on Facebook that I thought was absolutely beautiful but it will not let me post a URL to the card.  I card-lifted the idea from the creator Allie Gower but changed up the line design's.  
I think it is perfect for a Sympathy card for a Man. The image is from Impression Obsession-

My card....

Allie Gower's card....

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Mickey & Minnie Box Valentine

I have been wanting to make a Exploding Box Card for a long time.  I finally bit the bullet and tried it out.  Mine was one layer only.  I wanted it look like part of a living room with Mickey standing there proposing his love to Minnie.  

The box is completely 4" square.  You can see the directions I used was a video at

I did not want two sides to fall and realized it after I got the box all cut and folded.  The easy fix was to put a ribbon decoration around the bottom and around the top edges of the box.  I split the ribbon on either side of the two I wanted to drop.

Minnie Mouse and Mickey Stamp is a set I have had for years.  I tried to search it online but did not have any luck.  On the stamp it states "Disney All night Media #54J02.

Here are the pictures.  Enjoy & Happy Valentines!


Here is the box closed with the lid on it.

Close-up of the top of the cover.  The flower and leaves are Nestabilites (

The cover pulls up and two sides drop down.

Side view

Close-up of all the details on Minnie and Mickey which were done with decoupage method.  I absolutely love using Decoupage 3D glue from  The best on the market!

 Nestability die-cut window shows a beautiful day with lots of flowers in bloom. I used torn towel paper, sponge and Memento ink to create the sky.  The Inkadinkado Meadow Stamp set flowers were inked with Memento Markers.  

 The heart was white embossed, colored and cut out from the middle of an Outline stamp.  If you look close, you can see a piece of acetate holding the heart up.  It is free floating and moves as the box top is removed. 

Monday, December 30, 2013

Very busy Christmas Time!

I have been absent but not idle!  Not only was I busy trying to get ready for Christmas and finish my Christmas cards but I also had to get ready for a two week vacation!  

Now that is behind me and I am now on vacation, I thought I would just take a few minutes to post some of the cards I had been working on!